The youth-written stories in Represent give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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Emmett. Kalief. Josiah. More Than Just Names
Don't look away.
author image Josiah has studied the history of white violence against black people for several years. He thinks the country may be "awakening" in the wake of George Floyd's murder.

“Hey Emmett!” a white kid yelled at me as we were playing dodgeball during my 6th grade gym class. I didn’t think much of it. I didn’t even know what the insult meant,... [more]

Inside Voices Inside Voices
Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, teen writers will cover social isolation, foster care, remote learning, and loss, along with tips for how they're staying sane. [more stories]

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Seeing My Teachers as Human Beings During Quarantine In the midst of the upheaval of the coronavirus pandemic, Jessica appreciates that her teachers are suffering too, even as they support and help their students. [more]
Waiting for the World to Come Back S.T. is in a group home for unaccompanied minors after fleeing violence in Guinea, Africa. He makes sense of the pandemic by painting. [more]
Coronavirus Wrecked My Transition From Foster Care Joanna managed to secure housing, daycare for her son, a school for herself, and the services she needed as she left foster care. But coronavirus shut it all down. [more]
Doing My Part to Control the Spread of the Coronavirus Matthew moved from denial to acceptance of the health crisis, drawing on his experience with depression. He took himself out of school before it closed, to protect others. [more]
A Parent’s Road to Recovery This reprint from Rise magazine is by a mom who drank to blur problems in her life and lost her children. She explains how the tough love of a counselor and women's support group helped her get clean. [more]
Three Generations of Substance Abuse The writer's mom was very abusive when she drank, and the writer went into care. Her mother slowly got sober, and the family was reunited, but it wasn't a happy ending. [more]
Interventions Helpful and Not In the third of K.G.'s stories, she evaluates all the interactions she had with child welfare workers around her mother's alcoholism. She turns her experience into useful tips for workers. [more]
Forgiving My Mother The author's mother abused him when she was drunk and high, and he went into care. An illness in their family makes him realize he'd rather forgive her than stay mad. [more]
What Happened After Rehab After inpatient rehab, K.G.'s mom quickly relapses. K.G. realizes that she can't make her mom stop drinking and that she shouldn't keep hiding her situation from others. Second of three stories. [more]
Karli and Her ‘For-Now Family’ A.H. interviews Kama Einhorn, creator of Karli, a new Muppet who's in foster care because her mom suffers from addiction. Kama explains how to explain addiction to very young children. [more]