The youth-written stories in YCteen give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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Behind the Scenes: Teen writers describe what it's like to work at YCteen.
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The Poor Don’t Choose to Be Poor
Where We Stand: Class Matters, by bell hooks
author image Jazmine connects bell hooks' insights on class and race to what she sees around her and suggests ways for poor people of color to organize.

"Classism” is a kind of discrimination, like racism and sexism. It’s ranking poor people as lower, less worthy, and less desirable than wealthier people. Classist insults include “peasants,” “ratchet,” “ghetto,” or throwing money on the ground in front of a homeless person... [more]

Adulthood: From the Inside Out Adulthood: From the Inside Out
Learning From Each Job - Countdown to 21 - The World's Oldest Hustle - I Never Got to Be a Kid - My Kindness Got Mistaken For Weakness PLUS - Win $100!
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The World’s Oldest Hustle The author has odd jobs and public assistance, but cannot make ends meet, so she sells sex for money. After a few months, she decides the emotional toll is too great. [more]
Trump: A Dangerous Radical Victor points out that possible presidential nominee Donald Trump plays on Americans' fear of ISIS in his attacks on immigrants. But he himself is an extremist who incites violence. [more]
Not Just a ‘Tomboy Phase’ Chris, born Tia, never liked dressing or acting like a girl. At an LGBTQ meeting, he meets other transgender youth and realizes who he is. [more]
Staff Shout-Out Selena details how her socio-therapist gained her trust by listening to Selena, praising her, and not judging her for her past behaviors. [more]
My Foster Mother Is a Role Model Ashley loves her foster parents, who are generous, supportive, and open. She interviews her foster mother about raising foster teens, and how foster care could be improved. [more]
Prince: Pardon Him for Living (1993) Tory disagrees with 99% of the trash talk she hears about Prince and sets out to defend him, while revealing how she first came to love him. [more]
The Fairest of Them All Jessica experiences racism and internalizes it. A natural hair blog and a growing understanding of society help her see that black is beautiful. [more]
Violence Against Women Hande looks at recent news reports of sexual violence in her home country, Turkey, and explores what's behind men's desire to dominate and control women. [more]
The Long Journey Home The author, born biologically male, never doubts that she's truly female. She travels from Mexico to New York and from bullied boy to confident woman. [more]
The Judge Who Believed Valencia was full of anger from her abusive upbringing and got into a lot of trouble. Some staff wrote her off, but a judge gave her a second chance. [more]
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