The youth-written stories in Represent give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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Behind the Scenes: Teen writers describe what it's like to work at Represent.
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Choosing the Wrong Mom
The blood relative is not always the best
author image The author's mom abuses her, and she goes into care. She finally gets a loving foster mom, but then her biological mom wants her back.

After my little sister Tracey was born my father left the family. I don’t remember him, and I don’t know why he left. I do know he was on drugs... [more]

Ending the Cycle Ending the Cycle
My Kids Won't Go Into Foster Care - No More Shame - I'm Not Having Children - My Mom Was Bad For Me -PLUS - Win $350!
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Powerful Attachments Psychotherapist Russell Saunders explains how to heal from a parent's abuse or neglect, how to make boundaries with those parents, and what needs to happen before you can forgive them [more]
What a Mother Gives You Without a mother, Victoria went from one bad living situation to another, which made everything else hard. A good foster mother helped her find her talents and make friends. [more]
She Misplaced My Childhood After being repeatedly disappointed by his mother, C.F. ultimately finds other, more caring adults to open up to. [more]
Seven Housing Suggestions for New York City Shannon Cleary of the Morningside Heights Legal Services Clinic summarizes the Clinic's upcoming report suggesting ways to help youth aging out get housing. [more]
The Fight to Make College Free for Foster Youth Victor interviews former foster youth Jessica Maxwell, who heads up the Foster Youth Success Alliance. FYSA is pushing for legislation that would require New York state to pay for college for youth in care. [more]
Foster Youth Take Charge Miguel joins youth-led advocacy group FACE (Fostering Advocacy Change and Empowerment) and finds satisfaction in helping others and sharpening his public speaking skills. [more]
From Homeless and Addicted to Youth Advocate Jesse goes into care at age 9 and anger leads him to a life of drugs, violence, and homelessness. He cleans up, finds God, and devotes his life to helping others. [more]
West Coast Warriors Youth advocates in California and Oregon travel to their state capitols to lobby for improvements to those states' foster care systems. [more]
Fixing Foster Care Virgen pinpoints five big problems she experienced in foster care. For each one, she offers suggestions for system change and suggestions for things youth can do. [more]
A Desire to Make a Difference: Gladys Carrión Jazmine interviews the Commissioner of New York's Administration for Children's Services. Commissioner Carrión talks about how to improve social-emotional well-being for youth in care, jobs, and housing. [more]
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