The youth-written stories in Represent give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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Moving Past Shame
A therapist explains why we blame ourselves—and how to stop
author image A therapist explains why people blame themselves for being abused as children and how to break free of that trap.

Psychologist Jenny Kahn Kaufmann has been working with clients for 30-plus years. She’s a member of The Fostering Connection, a New York-based group of therapists who volunteer to treat foster children for free... [more]

Standing Up to Shame Standing Up to Shame
From Addiction to Connection - I Can't Forget What He Did - Into the Light - Healing Trauma - I Had to Quit Facebook - Protesting - Moview Review: Moonlight PLUS - Win $100!
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When the Private Becomes Public The author is a shy and private person who’s shocked by how much her business is out in the open when she goes into care. [more]
Home Is an Abstract Concept Marlo has lived in an astonishing variety of places and has never known stability. At age 22, he gets an apartment and wonders what "home" and "family" mean. [more]
Movie Review: <em>Moonlight</em> Sedrick relates to the Oscar-winning Moonlight. He feels Chiron’s anguish at being bullied, but wishes he’d taken a different path. [more]
Unexpected Emotions When J.G. finally gets her own apartment at age 22, she thinks everything's finally OK. Instead, her years in care haunt her. [more]
Ease the Path to Stable Housing in NYC A report from Columbia Law School's Adolescent Representation Clinic offers housing solutions for youth aging out of care in New York City. [more]
Choosing My Neighborhood Vanessa lives with relatives, friends, in group homes, in an office, in supportive housing, and finally in a market-rate apartment with friends, which is her favorite set-up. [more]
Where in the World Do I Belong? Sabatine, who's not in care, nonetheless has a traumatic upheaval when her family moves from Haiti to New York City. [more]
Finally, a Home The author raised her son to age 8 while she was in foster care. She's relieved when the two of them finally get their own home after she ages out. [more]
Not Just a Group House, A Way of Life At 28, former Represent writer Natasha has tried all kinds of living situations. A cooperative group house suits her the best. [more]
Aging Out Shouldn’t Be This Hard Sharlene does everything right as she prepares to age out. But things go wrong with her housing, benefits, and college, through no fault of her own. [more]
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