The youth-written stories in Represent give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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Write for Youth Communication: Video
Behind the Scenes: Teen writers describe what it's like to work at Represent.
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The Power of No
Don't be afraid to speak up
author image This writer’s first sexual encounter with a boy she likes is nothing like the romantic experience she envisioned. When he doesn't listen to her refusal, she kicks him out.

When I saw Jack, I didn’t just have butterflies in my stomach; it felt like an entire zoo. He was tall and muscular, with long black hair and bangs that partially covered his eyes... [more]

Finding Your Well-Being Finding Your Well-Being
Anxiety: Invader in My Brain - Overcoming Bulimia - Therapy Stopped the Cycle of Abuse - Foods That Calm Stress - Drugged Against My Will - PLUS - Win $350!
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Representing Otis looks back at writing for Represent for five years and how it's helped him get in touch with his feelings and inspire others. [more]
The Stereotypes in Racist Words Chimore ponders how other black people use the "n" word lightly. The word's history as a tool of oppression ultimately keeps her from joining them in using this or any slur. [more]
Movie Review: <i>Annie</i> The classic film was remade for modern times, and it gets a lot of details about foster care right. [more]
Rising Above Alcohol Addiction Erica went into foster care partly because her mother was an alcoholic. This abandonment contributes to Erica's mental illness, which she fights with therapy, so she can be a better mom to her own kids. [more]
When You’re the Abuser The author is raised by a volatile and abusive mother. When she finds herself acting like her mother and screaming at her boyfriend, she is appalled. She gets therapy. [more]
Eating Gluten-Free Yaselin is diagnosed with celiac disease. She educates herself -- and us -- about what people allergic to gluten can eat. [more]
Overcoming Bulimia The author gains weight and is bullied. She briefly tries throwing up her food, until she has a health scare and takes off the weight slowly with exercise and healthy diet. [more]
Feed Your Mind Jessica interviews Dr. Pamela Peeke, author of The Hunger Fix, about how certain foods can help your mood and thinking. [more]
Finding Focus The author has trouble paying attention in school. She is put on various drugs, but educational and emotional supports end up helping her more. [more]
Invader in My Brain Victor describes the methods he's used to control his anxiety and depression, including therapy, medication, exercise, and mindfulness. [more]
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