The youth-written stories in YCteen give inspiration and information to teens in foster care while offering staff insight into those teens’ struggles.

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Behind the Scenes: Teen writers describe what it's like to work at YCteen.
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Writing Saved My Life
Figuring out my anger helped me escape it
author image Writing and working with an editor helped Zaniyah understand her own anger, forgive herself, and take control of her life.

At age 15, I moved into August Aichhorn, a residential facility. I was court-mandated to spend two years there because I kept running away from group homes, foster homes, the Child Protective Servies (CPS) building, a residential school... [more]

We Did It We Did It
My Activism - Sticking With BLM - I Put My Abuser Behind Bars - Sharing My Story in DC - ALSO: Our Interview With the ACS Commissioner PLUS - Writing Contest: Win $100!
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Her Hitting Taught Me Violence, Not Discipline E.F. looks back on her mother's abuse and her own fighting at school. She is placed with her grandmother at age 11, goes to therapy, and learns to handle her own feelings. [more]
Powerful Attachments Psychotherapist Russell Saunders explains how to heal from a parent's abuse or neglect, how to make boundaries with those parents, and what needs to happen before you can forgive them. [more]
I’ll Raise My Daughter Without My Mother Z. Oliveras runs away and is pregnant at age 13. Her mother is abusive and unsupportive, so Z. turns herself into foster care before she has her baby. [more]
A Foster Mom Becomes Family The writer finds his first loving parent in foster care when he's a teen. Her acceptance helps him envision a better future for himself. [more]
Moving Beyond My Mother’s Limits When D. Morrison becomes depressed, her mother is unsympathetic and scornful. D. finds good therapists and learns not to make herself vulnerable to her mom and to accept her limits. [more]
If You Want Me To Listen to You, Listen to Me Robert's parents neglect and abuse him, and he's sent to a group home. Feeling unheard, he acts out until he receives love and attention from mentors, a therapist, and his grandmother. [more]
What I Got From My Two Foster Moms A.J. has a chaotic childhood with little nurturing. She finally gets support from two different foster moms, one young but maternal, the other older and confidence-building. [more]
The Keys to My Chains Elvia's mom dies when she's a senior in high school. In despair, she shuts down, but heals with the help of therapy, writing, and caring friends and mentors. [more]
Dad Didn’t Protect Me—But I Forgave Him Anyway The writer is prostituted by her parents, runs away, and then goes into care. Her father begs for forgiveness, and she decides that forgiving him will bring her some peace. [more]
Losing the Last of My Birth Family S.G.'s birth parents lost custody of her and her brother because they sold drugs in a gang. S.G. kept up with her brother after they went to separate homes and is heartbroken when he too joins the gang. [more]
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